Express ManicureR180.00
Express Manicure w/French PaintR190.00
Standard ManicureR230.00
Basic Manicure w/French PainR240.00
Soak Off(Per 1/2 hour)R70.00
French PaintR80.00
Buff & PaintR110.00
Buff & French PaintR120.00
Buff & ShineR100.00
Nail Art(per nail)R5.00
Kids PaintR30.00
Kid's ManicureR100.00
Men's Executive ManicureR230.00
Spa Manicure (With Mask)R300.00
Buff & Seal GlazeR100.00
Paraffin Hydration ManicureR300.00
Paraffin Hydration Manicure w/French PaintR310.00
Paraffin dipR70.00
File & PaintR110.00
Basic PedicureR250.00
Spa Pedicure(With Mask)R320.00
Men's Executive PedicureR250.00
Express PedicureR200.00
Pedicure w/French PaintR260.00
Paraffin Hydration PedicureR320.00
Paraffin Hydration w/French PaintR330.00
Pedicure With Callus EliminatorR320.00
Express Pedicure w/French PaintR200.00
Pedicure w/Gelish OverlayR400.00
Pedicure w/Gelish FrenchR410.00
Kids Gel Toes w/FrenchR200.00
Nail repair per nail R15.00
Pedi soak and Gelish R450.00
Pedi soak and Gelish with FrenchR460.00
Full set French Gel/AcrylicR390.00
Full Set Sculpture FrenchR400.00
Acrylic/Gel OverlaysR320.00
Acrylic/Gel FillR250.00
Acrylic Fill w/French PaintR260.00
Gelish OverlayR220.00
Gelish Overlay w/FrenchR230.00
Soak Off w/GelishR260.00
Soak Off Gelish w/FrenchR260.00
Shellac OverlaysR310.00
Soak & ShellacR360.00
Nail Repair per nailR15.00
Nail Art Per ToeR15.00
Nail Repair With OverlayR45.00
Massage From 15minR100.00
Half Leg Wax(Women)R145.00
Half Leg Wax(Men)R145.00
Soak off fullsetR450.00
Soak off fullset and GelishR590.00
Fullset and Gelish R550.00
Soak off gelish with french R210.00
Acrylic overlays with soak offR390.00